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This is my story.

Where it all started...

After completing medical studies as a medic at the School of Military Medicine, community volunteering in the national rescue services and life-saving organizations, and studies of business development and brand management overseas, Barak Jacques realized it was time to fulfill his vision.


Barak began his entrepreneurial life at the young age of 22, somewhere in 2013. He began to gain business knowledge and, at the same time, was actively volunteering in community life.

A year later, in 2014, Jacques founded his first company in the field of cellular and multimedia. The company has overgrown and has become a leader in its field in the market. Moreover, the company had a variety of collaborations and services provided to the biggest companies in the industry.

The run up

The young entrepreneur has been responsible for several successful brands and e-commerce startups and has developed marketing and Ai tools of his own that have attracted significant interest from major industry players worldwide.

By the end of 2015, Barak Jacques is setting up his first manufacturing and electronics company in Shenzhen city, China, 26 Mobile Co., LTD, with his Chinese partner Mr. Li. The company has grown exceptionally rapidly, leading the electronics industry in design, product development, production, marketing, and end-customer warranty.

About a year later, the company opened its doors in other parts of the world, including Hong Kong, where its headquarters are today. The company has been a pioneer in producing electronic spare parts, microchips, and custom PCB development.

barak jacques shenzhen china

The hunger for more.

Jacques is the mastermind behind several successful projects and startups, including MiCargo International and Ecommerce Marketplace. Founded in 2016 and funded by Israeli and Hong Kong investors, Jacques' role in these ventures has been crucial, earning him an honorary certificate and appreciation from his team members.

In the meantime, Barak has been cooperating with businessmen in various hot fields, such as automotive, construction & renovation, and cyber technology. In 2017, Barak and one of his partners, Stuart, officially launched the successful advertising brand - JB Promotion & Advertisement. The launch went exceptionally well as the brand has been trusted by some of the world's leading companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola to produce promotional products for them.

The best is yet to come.

In early 2018, Jacques co-founded a lifestyle magazine and established a line of Italian-designed home furniture products. At the end of 2018, he began working on his high-tech ideas. Not long after, in early 2019, Jacques implemented his ideas by gathering a dream team and working on two of his favorite projects: KEEK Ai, an AI-based tool for managing, handling, and dominating social media, and dpair, a new top-level security software based on a new protocol made by the team.

Barak is passionate about both of his favorite projects, calling them "mindblowing" and "game-changing." He is excited to see how they will impact the world and change the way people live.

Keek Ai startup logo

Keek Ai - it's going to change the way we use social media.

dpair startup logo

dpair - A real game-changer in the secured communication world.

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