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I'm Barak Jacques

An entrepreneur with over a decade of expertise in international trade and product development, having a unique skill for developing products with certain inputs that benefit the customers. He's talented at turning a trendy idea into a prosperous venture, making him the ideal person to help you get your new project off the ground.

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Things We Did

The following are a few examples of projects that we have done and are ongoing. We have experience in various industries and are confident we can provide you with the needed services.

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New Age Ai based,
For safe Communication 


KEEK Ai is 'The Social Media Game Changer.'
A Powerful AI Based Social Media Tool.

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A dream team of writers and marketers can lead you in the dark.
A top-notch crew of writers will flip you from nobody to somebody.

Fortune 500 & other

companies have trust in our services and products.

Corporate giants trust our services and products and regard them worthy of belief. 
Why don't you give them a shot?


400+ businesses utilize our goods and services!

Rumors say

Jill M. Marketing strategist

“It was great working with Barak and his team! They're professional and made the whole process fun.”

Dima M. Business dev' specialist

“This is an incredible service that offers all-in-one but with high standards. I have been very impressed with the service quality and the staff's professionalism.”

Ali R. CEO

“This guy is the whole package! They are creative and honest, and their energy is magnetic.”

Maya S. Entrepreneur

“A five star service! These guys definitely know what they're doing.”

This is how we do

Our team provides a wide array of expert services.

Business Consultancy

Today's market conditions make it vital to undergo regular change, and we can guide you through the changes we're making to stay on track with your goals. Tools for optimal remote working can protect your operations during submission periods and vice versa.

Storytelling & Marketing

Show your partners, customers, and audiences your reasons for doing things you do and how you share similar objectives by showing your intentions. Storytelling mastery brings you from being another one into someone and helps you demonstrate your message productively when dealing with your teams, partners, or consumers.

Global Sourcing

Businesses involved in technological innovation or low-tech are looking for a specialist who is well acquainted with the most recent trends in the field, knows everything about the company's product landscape, and plans on staying updated on the latest breakthroughs and trends. Through our Global Sourcing Services, businesses can benefit from this professional expertise and receive support for their product straight from the source.

PR and SEO strategy

Combining PR and SEO techniques may help you achieve your targets and goals if you plan to have a successful company or product. We have a great deal of proven experience and cutting-edge techniques that we can provide you with, and we're confident that we can take you to the top!


If you are launching a new product, simply introducing it can't be considered a success without a proper takedown (GTM) strategy.

Our go-to-market (GTM) team will help structure your plan.

Idea to Product

Whether you work on a physical, technological, or digital product, getting it from development to mass manufacturing is a huge hassle. That's where our team developed a unique planning technique, making your life much easier.

From A to Z - We have you covered!

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