After completing medical studies as a medic at the School of Military Medicine, community volunteering in the national rescue services and life-saving organizations, as well as studies of business development and brand management overseas, Barak Jacques realized it was time to fulfill his vision. 

Barak began his entrepreneurial life at a young age of 22, somewhere in 2013. He began to gain business knowledge and at the same time was actively volunteering in community life.
A year later, in 2014, Jacques founded his first company in the field of cellular and multimedia. The company has grown rapidly and has become a leader in its field in the market, Moreover, The company has a variety of collaborations and services provided to the largest companies in the industry.

Later on, he also collaborated with several popular TV producers, for a succesfull TV series of the main cable channel and became involved in the showbiz industry.

The young entrepreneur has been responsible for several successful e-commerce startups, and has developed tools of his own that have attracted great interest from major industry players from countries around the world.

By the end of 2015, Barak Jacques is setting up his first Chinese manufacturing and electronics company, 26 Mobile Co., LTD, with his Chinese partner Mr. Li. The company has grown at an exceptionally rapid pace and has been leading the electronics industry from the design and product development stage to production, marketing and end-customer warranty.


About a year later, The company has opened offices in other parts of the world and has opened a company in Hong Kong where the company's headquarters offices are located till nowadays. Among other things, the company has led the manufacture of electronic spare parts, microchips and custom PCB development made in Shenzhen, China.

Jacques was the brain behind the founding of the 99 PANDAS INTERNATIONAL GROUP start-up back in 2016, Which is still under development, and was invested through Israeli and Hong Kong investors. Barak received honor certificate together with a great praise and appreciation from the team members. 

At the end of 2016, Jacques joined an American investment group together with a Chinese logistics company and built the brand MiCARGO INTERNATIONAL shipping company, which provides logistics solutions, warehousing, quality inspection, quality control and, of course, international shipping at very competitive prices. In the meantime, Barak found himself cooperating with businessmen in a variety of hot fields, such as automotive, Construction & Renovation and Cyber Technology. In 2017, Barak and one of his partners, Stuart, officially launched the successful advertising brand

JB Promotion & Advertisment. The event was highly praised, as the brand has long been responsible for promotional manufacturing for some of the world's leading companies such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola and many more. In early 2018, And when he's only 27, it was suggested to Barak Jacques to become a memeber in one of the major political parties.
Barak rejected the proposal politely, claiming he has more to achieve.

From time to time Barak Jacques is invited to conferences to lecture (free of charge), about business development, self-realization and innovative forward-thinking.

"If we don't get out of the borders,

how do we know where the border passes?"